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Daan Dakshina (Donation)

Daan Dakshina (Donation)
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Bhandara (Lunger) To Brahmins
Bhandara is a unique food distribution tradition. During Bhandara, Prasad (proper food) is distribut..
Rs. 110,229
Brahman Bhoj
Brahman Bhoj rituals help cleanse all the sins of our forefathers and liberates their souls. Also, t..
Rs. 3,309
Gau Dan (Cow Donation)
'Gau' means cow and Daan means donation. Gau Daan is equal to worshiping Krishna. Cow has a great im..
Rs. 39,599
Gautran Daan
Gautran daan means donation for feeding cows for several days. The food comprises of green grass, wa..
Rs. 9,039
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