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Worship is an act of religeous devotion. Worship is a means to achieve some specific end. It is also helps the peformer to act and integrate the body, the mind and the spirit in order to evolve into a higher being.

Pooja, Aarti, Homa, Havana, Yagna (or Yajna), Prasad, Tilak, Bhajan, Kirtan, Mantra Jaap, Vrata, Yatra are all activities performed during Worship.

We have Large Collection of items used in Worsip. Items that are commonly used in Hindu worship include ghee or oil, dhoopa and incense, kumkum and tilak paste, flowers, milk, sandalwood, tulsi and vibhuti. Among objects used are the altar, banana leaves, bhog, coconuts, diya (oil lamps), fly-whisks, garlands, prasad, shankha (conch) and tilaka.


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Ambar Wood Bathi with Holder
SSF Ambar Wood Bathi is a hand-rolled, blend of ssential oils and fine resins. It has a ri..
Rs. 1,509
Chhattra For Throne
A number of deities are depicted with Chhattra, and they include Revanta, Surya, and Vishnu (in his ..
Rs. 10,689
Lord Hanuman Incense Sticks
Lord Hanuman incense stick Blesses with high level of awareness,  divine consciousness, wisdom,..
Rs. 219
Mata Ka Chhattar
The Mata ka Chatar is hung above Deity idols and images or is kept on Pooja altars and wealth boxes ..
Rs. 7,649
Mysore Kasturi Agarbatti with Holder
The Mysore Kasturi Incense emits a soothing fragrance that will mesmerize and delight your senses an..
Rs. 1,429
Oudh Agarbatti with Incense Holder
Oud agarbatti is often used in religious ceremonies, and is considered to have a great influenc..
Rs. 1,869
Sai Flora Incense Sticks with Holder
This is one of the most well known Temple incenses used frequently by ashrams and temples through ou..
Rs. 639
Vedic Divine Sambrani
Vedic Divine Sambrani dhoop Incense sticks are an essential part of all auspicious occasions sp..
Rs. 249
Aarti Lamp With Handle in Brass
Diya made of brass are permanent fixtures in homes and temples. Diyas are native to India, and are o..
Rs. 379
Aarti Pooja Lamp in Brass
Aarti Pooja Deepak (Ek Mukhi Diya) is a one-faced diya made of brass.  This diya is ideal for p..
Rs. 309
Aarti Sangraha
A beautiful collection for your pooja altar. A book comprising of all popular Pooja Aartis.  L..
Rs. 929
Abhishek Holy Water Bath Kit
The bathing of the deity is the ABHISHEKA part of the pooja and rituals. Abhishek is a religious ..
Rs. 3,859
Abhishek Pot With Tripod Stand
Abhishek is a ritual that is performed to please any God or Goddess. Abhishek literally means pourin..
Rs. 2,069
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Agardaan In Brass
Beautiful, designer agardaan (incense holder), made in brass is the best suited pooja vessel. Sym..
Rs. 279
Agarwood Attar
Agarwood Attar has a pleasing woody masculine fragrance and made from natural agarwood. Also known b..
Rs. 819
Agarwood Pooja Sticks
Agarwood pleasing fragrance has been enjoyed throughout the world and has developed into a beautiful..
Rs. 219
Agnihotra Dhoop Sticks
These aromatic dhoop stick create a perfect environment for Agnihotra. After performing the Agn..
Rs. 499
Agnihotra Hawan Fire Ritual Kit
Agnihotra is the basic and fundamental form of Yajnya. Its regular practice bestows prosperity. A..
Rs. 4,619
Agnihotra Shantipaath
Tracks * Agnihotra Shantipath... * Agnihotra Shantipath... Language: Sanskrit Genre: Devotiona..
Rs. 1,079
Ajwain Essential Oil
The Ajwain or Ajowan oil is an almost colorless to brownish liquid with characteristic odor and a sh..
Rs. 2,589
Akarshan Mahapooja & Yagna (Attraction Ritual)
Akarshan Mahapooja is for enhancing attraction powers. Helpful for those who wish to charm others wi..
Rs. 389,679
Akshat For Pooja Rituals
Akshata has a capacity to attract chaitanya and shakti of all deity principles It retains the Shakti..
Rs. 89
Akshat In German Silver (Unbroken Rice)
Akshata has a capacity to attract chaitanya and shakti of all deity principles It retains the Shakti..
Rs. 459
Almond Essential Oil
Almond essential oil Application of very low concentration (very mild) mixtures with water on the sk..
Rs. 2,529
Ambe Mata Frame
Goddess Ambe or Goddess Durga are two names of the same divine form.The word "Durga" in Sanskrit mea..
Rs. 1,329
Amber Essential Oil
Amber essential oil is a highly sought-after fragrance, with its subtle, euphoric, warm and exotic a..
Rs. 4,729
Ancient Oil Lamp In Brass
A beautiful carved Ancient Oil Lamp in Brass. The flame of a lamp always burns upwards and simila..
Rs. 1,779
Aniseed Essential Oil
Aniseed Essential Oil rejuvenates the body by promoting the flow of energy in the body. It is a powe..
Rs. 2,349
Annapurna Devi Idol In Brass
Anna means Food (grain) and Purna means filled completely in shining brass.  Annapurna is no..
Rs. 989
Antique Pooja Thali In Bronze
This antique bronze pooja thali is used for keeping pooja items during pooja. The pooja items i..
Rs. 819
Apamarg Wood For Mercury Planet ( Buddha)
Apamarg wood is used for hawana ceremony. The mantra to overcome obstacles due to afflicted Mercury ..
Rs. 259
Apricot Essential Oil
There are many nutritional benefits of Apricot Essential Oil. This is a rich source of minerals that..
Rs. 2,579
Ark Wood For Sun Planet (Surya)
Ark wood is from aank tree used for hawana. The mantra to overcome obstacles due to afflicted Sun is..
Rs. 259
Artistic Lotus Pooja Lamp in Brass
Artistic beautiful pooja diya in the shape of fully blossom lotus flower. Oil lamps are commonly ..
Rs. 1,759
Artistic Samai Oil Lamp In Brass
This Artistic Samai oil lamp for every pooja can lit five wicks together and has a holder in th..
Rs. 629
Ashtagandha Powder for Daily Pooja
Ashtagandha Powder is a mixture of eight fragrant herbs. Vedic talismans are written on Bhojapatra o..
Rs. 349
Ashtagandha Tilak Paste For Rituals
Ashtagandha Tilak Paste is a mixture of eight fragrant herbs. Vedic talismans are written on Bhojapa..
Rs. 349
Ashtalaxmi Darshan
Ashtalaxmi are a group of eight forms of Shri-Lakshmi, who preside over eight sources of wealth: pro..
Rs. 6,819
Ashtavinayak Darshan
Ashtavinayaka literally means "eight Ganeshas" in Sanskrit. Ganesha is the Hindu deity of obstacles,..
Rs. 6,819
Ashvath Wood For Jupiter Planet ( Guru)
Ashvath Wood is used for havana ceremony to calm down the effects of malefic Jupiter. The mantra to ..
Rs. 259
Audumber Wood For Venus Planet ( Shukra )
Audumber Wood is used for havana to calm down the effects of malefic Venus. The mantra to overcome o..
Rs. 259
Auspicious Abhishek Shankh
Traditionally the shankha has great importance in rituals of various religions. it is also used to p..
Rs. 1,429
Auspicious Pooja Thali In German Silver
This large pooja plate in german silver is used for keeping puja items during pooja/havan. The pooja..
Rs. 4,289
Auspicious Rangoli For Pooja
Rangoli is used during festivals and ceremonies typically consisting of bright colors. They are mean..
Rs. 2,809
Avocado Essential Oil
The Avocado essential oil is very similar to olive oil, which is a basis of the healthful Mediterran..
Rs. 3,159
Ayush Homam
Ayush = meaning age or tenure of life.  Ayush Homam is performed on the day the child completes..
Rs. 20,009
Barley Grains (Jau)
Barley grains (Jau) is used in pooja and homa ceremonies.  The sowing of barley during ..
Rs. 89
BelFruit ( Belphal )
Bilva or Bael fruit is the embodiment of Lord Shiva himself and is one of the sacred tree symbols of..
Rs. 109
Belpatra leaves For Lord Shiva In German Silver
Blepatra leaves is also known as Bilva leaf. Among leaves lord shiva is offered mostly this leaf to ..
Rs. 109
Benzoin Dhoop Sticks
The beautiful fragrance of Loban (Benzoin) dhoop creates such an ambience that your prayer reaches t..
Rs. 489
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