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Khusha For Ketu Planet ( Kush)
 Khusha wood is used for havana ceremony. The mantra to overcome obstacles due to afflicted Ket..
Rs. 259
Kusha Aasan and Darbha Mat For Pooja Rituals
100% natural Kusha grass balancing the root chakra. it is ideal for use during Yoga, meditation, bea..
Rs. 689
Kusha Aasan for Meditation
Kusha Aasan is considered highly sacred. Sages often sit on Kusha grass mats when they do their..
Rs. 2,259
Kusha mat for Yoga and meditation
100% natural Kusha grass Eco friendly and washable for balancing the root chakra. it is ideal f..
Rs. 3,529
Multi fold Kusha Mat
A four fold Kusha Mat ideal for laying down on religious gatherings. Kusha grass is considered hi..
Rs. 3,799
Natural Eco Friendly Kusha Mat
World's best four kusha mat, enviroment freindly yoga mat, non plastic eco freindly no rubber and&nb..
Rs. 3,859
Travelling Khusha Mat
Handcrafted mat from natural grass (Kusha grass). Traditional hand weaving technique ..
Rs. 4,259