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Ambar Wood Bathi with Holder
SSF Ambar Wood Bathi is a hand-rolled, blend of ssential oils and fine resins. It has a ri..
Rs. 1,249
Chhattra For Throne
A number of deities are depicted with Chhattra, and they include Revanta, Surya, and Vishnu (in his ..
Rs. 8,839
Lord Hanuman Incense Sticks
Lord Hanuman incense stick Blesses with high level of awareness,  divine consciousness, wisdom,..
Rs. 179
Mata Ka Chhattar
The Mata ka Chatar is hung above Deity idols and images or is kept on Pooja altars and wealth boxes ..
Rs. 6,329
Mysore Kasturi Agarbatti with Holder
The Mysore Kasturi Incense emits a soothing fragrance that will mesmerize and delight your senses an..
Rs. 1,179
Oudh Agarbatti with Incense Holder
Oud agarbatti is often used in religious ceremonies, and is considered to have a great influenc..
Rs. 1,549
Sai Flora Incense Sticks with Holder
This is one of the most well known Temple incenses used frequently by ashrams and temples through ou..
Rs. 529
Vedic Divine Sambrani
Vedic Divine Sambrani dhoop Incense sticks are an essential part of all auspicious occasions sp..
Rs. 209
1001 Notable Nativities - The Astrologer's   Who's Who
The most authentic book by great world famous astrologer Alan Leo. This book is very useful for rese..
Rs. 169
12 Jyotirlinga Photo
The Puranas vociferously sing the praises of the greatness of the Jyotirlingas. By reciting the name..
Rs. 89
12 Jyotirlingam Darshan Chowki
Jyoti means 'radiance' and lingam the 'mark or sign' of Shiva, or a symbol of the pineal gland; Jyot..
Rs. 3,999
4 In 1 Agarbatti Multi Fragrant
4 In 1 Agarbatti Multi Fragrant are four different types of masala and scented incense in ..
Rs. 679
7 Secrets Of Shiva
Smeared with ash, draped in animal hide, he sits atop the snow-capped mountain, skull in hand, withd..
Rs. 769
7 Secrets Of Vishnu
It is significant that the stories of Vishnu rose to prominence after the rise of Buddhism. Prior to..
Rs. 769
9 Secrets Of Successful Meditation
The author brings a fresh approach to Meditation; he inspires his readers to experience Meditation a..
Rs. 599
A Beginners Guide To Accupressure
A concise guide to the basics of Shiatsu. Using easy-to-follow illustrations, the author shows how t..
Rs. 179
A Companion Of Tantra
Tantra is a distinct philosophical system Many feel eager to know about it, but few love the time an..
Rs. 1,509
A Complete Guide To Healing
Even if you nothing about metaphysics, you can use the simple vibrational techniques in this book to..
Rs. 679
A Course In Indian Astrology
In the present book the materials have been arranged in  simple style comprising of smaller uni..
Rs. 449
A Hermit In The Himalayas: A Unique Travelogue By One Of The Greatest Spiritual Explorers Of The Twe
One of the great classics of spiritual literature brought back into print. Paul Brunton was one..
Rs. 1,079
A Little Book Of Numerology
This series brings to you a wealth of knowledge on diverse subjects that will enhance your personali..
Rs. 129
A Manual Of Hindu Astrology
Table of Contents: Chapter  1 The Zodiac and the Planetary System Chapter  II Preliminar..
Rs. 219
A Search In Secret India [Hardbound]
2010 Reprint of 1935 American Edition. Illustrated Edition. Paul Brunton (1898 - 1981) was a British..
Rs. 1,079
Aadi Ganesh
Tracks * Eternal Elements - I... * Ganesh Pancharatnam * Ganesh Bhujangam * Jay Jay Suravarpooji..
Rs. 889
Aaishwarya Designer Box
Wooden box for keeping precious items. You can store your valuables, jewelery, lockets, yantra locke..
Rs. 1,009
Aarti Lamp With Handle in Brass
Diya made of brass are permanent fixtures in homes and temples. Diyas are native to India, and are o..
Rs. 319
Aarti Pooja Lamp in Brass
Aarti Pooja Deepak (Ek Mukhi Diya) is a one-faced diya made of brass.  This diya is ideal for p..
Rs. 259
Aarti Sangraha
A beautiful collection for your pooja altar. A book comprising of all popular Pooja Aartis.  L..
Rs. 769
Abhishek Holy Water Bath Kit
The bathing of the deity is the ABHISHEKA part of the pooja and rituals. Abhishek is a religious ..
Rs. 3,189
Abhishek Pot With Tripod Stand
Abhishek is a ritual that is performed to please any God or Goddess. Abhishek literally means pourin..
Rs. 1,709
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Acupressure In Daily Life
This series will help you understand the science underlying various alternative therapies that can u..
Rs. 179
Agardaan In Brass
Beautiful, designer agardaan (incense holder), made in brass is the best suited pooja vessel. Sym..
Rs. 239
Agarwood Attar
Agarwood Attar has a pleasing woody masculine fragrance and made from natural agarwood. Also known b..
Rs. 679
Agarwood Pooja Sticks
Agarwood pleasing fragrance has been enjoyed throughout the world and has developed into a beautiful..
Rs. 179
Aghora -3: The Law Of Karma
In this, the third and final volume of the Aghora trilogy, the Aghori Vimalananda uses the backdrop ..
Rs. 769
Aghora 1 : At The Left Hand Of God
An Aghori is a practitioner of the spiritual discipline known as Aghora. Aghora is the apotheosis of..
Rs. 769
Aghora Ii: Kundalini
Aghora, described in this volume as "super-tantra", is a Path of Devotion to the Great Mother Goddes..
Rs. 769
Agni Purana
Particulary the Agni Purana, offers a tremendous amount of information which is very interesting. ..
Rs. 199
Agnihotra Dhoop Sticks
These aromatic dhoop stick create a perfect environment for Agnihotra. After performing the Agn..
Rs. 419
Agnihotra Hawan Fire Ritual Kit
Agnihotra is the basic and fundamental form of Yajnya. Its regular practice bestows prosperity. A..
Rs. 3,819
Agnihotra Shantipaath
Tracks * Agnihotra Shantipath... * Agnihotra Shantipath... Language: Sanskrit Genre: Devotiona..
Rs. 889
Ajwain Essential Oil
The Ajwain or Ajowan oil is an almost colorless to brownish liquid with characteristic odor and a sh..
Rs. 2,149
Akarshan Mahapooja & Yagna (Attraction Ritual)
Akarshan Mahapooja is for enhancing attraction powers. Helpful for those who wish to charm others wi..
Rs. 322,059
Akshat For Pooja Rituals
Akshata has a capacity to attract chaitanya and shakti of all deity principles It retains the Shakti..
Rs. 69
Akshat In German Silver (Unbroken Rice)
Akshata has a capacity to attract chaitanya and shakti of all deity principles It retains the Shakti..
Rs. 379
All About Navratri
This compilation, in simple language, is a handbook for the young and old alike. While the book..
Rs. 169
Almond Essential Oil
Almond essential oil Application of very low concentration (very mild) mixtures with water on the sk..
Rs. 2,089
Amarnath Photo
According to a Hindu legend, Amarnath is the cave where Shiva explained the secret of life and etern..
Rs. 89
Ambe Mata Frame
Goddess Ambe or Goddess Durga are two names of the same divine form.The word "Durga" in Sanskrit mea..
Rs. 1,099
Amber Essential Oil
Amber essential oil is a highly sought-after fragrance, with its subtle, euphoric, warm and exotic a..
Rs. 3,909