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Garuda Puran Recitation
Garuda Purana has nineteen thousand shlokas. It deals with life after death. It is generally read wh..
Rs. 33,649
Muhurta (Auspicious Time)
Muhurta is the selection of an auspicious date and time for performing a work. It helps in concentra..
Rs. 1,819
Namakaran Sanskar
"Nama" exactly means "name" and "karana" means "to create, to result". The birth of a child in ..
Rs. 10,369
Narayan Bali Recitation
Narayan Bali Pooja performed, one can satisfy the unfulfilled worldly desires of the deceased souls,..
Rs. 33,649
Shashti Abda Poorthi Pooja
Shashti Abda Poorthi (Sanskrit meaning: Sashti = 60, Abda = years, Poorthi = completion) is also kno..
Rs. 172,219
Shraadh Pooja
Remembering our departed near and dear ones on their death anniversary and performing the Shraadh ce..
Rs. 18,369
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