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Basic Poojas
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Durga Pooja
The word "Durga" in Sanskrit means a fort, or a place which is difficult to overrun. Another meaning..
Rs. 18,369
Ganesh Pooja
Lord Ganesh in the form of a 'Vighnaharta' meaning remover of obstacles. Ganesha is the God of knowl..
Rs. 5,279
Janmadin Pooja / Birthday Pooja
Janmadin pooja or Birthday Pooja is performed in order to seek the blessings and thank the Istha or ..
Rs. 2,269
Lakshmi Pooja
Goddess Lakshmi means Good Luck,  The word 'Lakshmi' is derived from the Sanskrit word "Laksya"..
Rs. 5,279
Nakshatra Pooja
Nakshatra means "that which does not decay". Performing a nakshatra shanti homam improves the all ro..
Rs. 31,089
Navgraha Pooja
The nine "grahas" (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) in our horoscope..
Rs. 12,369
Shani Pooja
Shani is considered to be the strongest malefic and a stern teacher who represents patience, effort,..
Rs. 23,819
Vastu Pooja
Vastu Pooja commonly known as “Griha-pravesh Pooja”. Vastu pooja is performed to conciliate with the..
Rs. 9,269
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