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cotton wicks

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Cotton Wicks Vati - Long
100% pure cotton wicks (batti) for Pooja. The cotton is one of the most pure forms of natu..
Rs. 149
Kapus Vastra
Kapus Vastra (or Kapas Vastra) means cotton cloth. It is a series of small round cotton beads att..
Rs. 49
Pure Cow Ghee
Ghee means clarified butter. 100% Pure Cow Ghee manufactured exclusively from fresh cow’s milk, i..
Rs. 239
Pure Ghee Diyas For Rituals
Pure Ghee Diya ready strengthens the sattva particles of Pranamaya kosha and Manomaya Kosha and as a..
Rs. 299
Round Cotton Wick
Round Cotton Wicks made up of soft white cotton. They are 100% natural. Ready-to-use cotton balls ca..
Rs. 89
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