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Kumkum, Perfumes, Tilak Pastes, etc. (Anulep & Gandha)


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Ashtagandha Powder for Daily Pooja
Ashtagandha Powder is a mixture of eight fragrant herbs. Vedic talismans are written on Bhojapatra o..
Rs. 289
Ashtagandha Tilak Paste For Rituals
Ashtagandha Tilak Paste is a mixture of eight fragrant herbs. Vedic talismans are written on Bhojapa..
Rs. 289
Black Abil Powder
Have a wonderful pooja with this Abil Powder.Black Abil powder is used in several rituals as an offe..
Rs. 69
Chandan / Sandal Powder For Daily Rituals
Chandan or sandal is well known for its aroma and cooling effect on human body. Sandal powder is an ..
Rs. 819
Chandan Tilak Paste For Pooja Rituals
Sandalwood paste is integral part for any pooja, rituals and ceremonies.  to mark rel..
Rs. 289
Essential Powders For Pooja
Pooja essential powders is a mark of spiritual intelligence and is a integral part of any pooja and ..
Rs. 289
Gopi Chandan Tilak Stick
Gopi Chandan Tilaka has been traditionally interpreted as a good luck charm.the tilak has a cooling ..
Rs. 79
Gulal Powder
The Gulal is offered to several deities as a sign of joy. Gulal for spreading happiness.Ma..
Rs. 69
Haldi (Turmeric Powder) for Pooja
Haldi / Turmeric yellow color powder symbolizes the Sun or Maitreya. It is ingredients which are com..
Rs. 79
Haldi Kumkum On Betel Leaf
Haldi kumkum containers glued on artificial betel leaf. It is significant part of all religious..
Rs. 49
Hanuman Sindoor Powder For Daily Rituals
Hanuman Sindoor is a traditional orange colored powder, usually offered to Lord Hanuman idols. ..
Rs. 239
Kasturi Powder For Pooja
The Kasthuri powder is used for spreading fragrance & offered to  deities du..
Rs. 329
KumKum Powder For Pooja
Kumkum is used as a "Tilak" for Hindu Gods. Kumkum represents intellect and is a symbol of ausp..
Rs. 69
Pooja Kumkum
Pooja Kumkum Powder, which is made from the turmeric powder is an auspicious symbol. Kumkum is appli..
Rs. 129
Red Sandal Powder For Pooja and Homa
Red Sandalwood powder is used to make a paste to decorate icons and religious tools and then distrib..
Rs. 199
Vibhuti / Bhasma Powder
Vibhuti (Bhasma) "Bha" implies Bhartsana "to destroy" and "sma" implies smaranam "to remember". The ..
Rs. 89
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