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Abhishek Items
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Essential Powders For Pooja
Pooja essential powders is a mark of spiritual intelligence and is a integral part of any pooja and ..
Rs. 289
Honey For Pooja
Honey is poured over the deities in a every ritual. Every grain offering you bring to the Lord must ..
Rs. 109
Panchagavya Soap
Panchagavya Soap is made of five key engridients that are cow derivatives that are considered a..
Rs. 129
Saffron ( Kesar )
Kesar is offered to deity idols and afterwards distributed and smeared on the foreheads of devo..
Rs. 219
Sweet Offerings ( Khadi Shakkar )
Sugar crystals for offering to deity during worship. After the Aarti the prasada (sweet offerings) i..
Rs. 79
Vibhuti / Bhasma Powder
Vibhuti (Bhasma) "Bha" implies Bhartsana "to destroy" and "sma" implies smaranam "to remember". The ..
Rs. 89
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