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Mata Ka Chhattar (Chhatra)

Mata Ka Chhattar (Chhatra)
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Chhattra For Throne
A number of deities are depicted with Chhattra, and they include Revanta, Surya, and Vishnu (in his ..
Rs. 8,839
Mata Ka Chhattar
The Mata ka Chatar is hung above Deity idols and images or is kept on Pooja altars and wealth boxes ..
Rs. 6,329
Deity Chatra
Colorful deity Chatra with colored gemstones. Add glitters to your pooja altar with this unique Chat..
Rs. 4,919
Deity Crown
A crown is the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by a deity.It represents power,legitimacy,..
Rs. 5,369
Mata Ka Shringar
Mata Ka Shringar contains Chunri, Bangles, Mirror, Comb, Necklace with Earring, Kajal, Bindi packet,..
Rs. 759
White Stone Chatra
Deity Chatra adorned with white stones would give a serene look to your prayer altar. Deities are..
Rs. 7,089
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