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Designer Golden Pot
Designer golden pot with auspicious symbols of OM and Swastika. Colorful flowers decor the lining.&n..
Rs. 629
Ganesha In Gold Peepal Leaf With Acrylic Frame
Ganesha In Golden Peepal Leaf for gift. Ganapati or ganesha,the son of shiva and parvati,is the..
Rs. 1,519
Ganesha On Shell ( Pen Stand )
A pen stand carved with the Pratham pujya God and Shankha is perfect for your own work place. The..
Rs. 639
Ganesha On Throne With Gaddi (Pen Stand)
This beautiful Ganesha, seated on gaddi with a pen stand.Ganesh is the Lord of Riddhis and Sidd..
Rs. 639
Ganesha Writing Upanishads
Ganesha teaches us that we must finish what we start and that sacrifice is necessary in the persuit ..
Rs. 2,099
Goddess Saraswati
Saraswati is the Goddess of learning, knowledge, and wisdom. The Sanskrit word sara means "essence" ..
Rs. 1,189
Hanuman Blessing
Hanuman has two forms namely Maruti as the servitor and Maruti as the courageous one. The servitor f..
Rs. 909
Laddu Gopal In Golden Peepal Leaf With Acrylic Frame
Laddu Gopal or Bal Gopal is the childhood form of Lord Krishna. It is on a gold plated peepal leaf. ..
Rs. 1,749
Lord Ganesha In Gold Plated Peepal Leaf With Acrylic Frame
Ganesha on a gold plated peepal leaf. He is also worshipped as the god of education,knowledge a..
Rs. 2,069
Mahalakshmi Blessing
Mahalakshmi is the goddess of the material world and its preservation. She also brings good fortune ..
Rs. 1,189
Shirdi Ke Sai
Sai Baba remains a very popular saint,and is worshiped by people around the world. He had no love fo..
Rs. 969
Shiv Parivar
Shiv Parivar blesses the family with unity, harmony and overall happiness and prosperity. Lo..
Rs. 2,169
Swetar Ganesha
Swetark root is invited on an auspicious day and carved into Ganapati form in auspicious Muhurta. Th..
Rs. 1,219
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