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Ketu Rudraksha Pendant
Eight mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Ganesha and planet Ketu. Removes the obstacles in path, destro..
Rs. 3,859
Mars Rudraksha Pendant
Three Mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Agni and Planet Mars, i.e. fire that burns and consumes eve..
Rs. 1,219
Mercury Rudraksha Pendant
Four mukhi represents planet mercury and Lord Brahma. The wearer gains power of knowledge and creati..
Rs. 639
Moon Rudraksha Pendant
The ruling planet of two mukhi rudraksha is moon. Two mukhi rudraksha Bestows self confidence, emoti..
Rs. 989
Navgraha Rudraksha Pendant
10 mukhi rudraksha pacifies all the nine planets. Blesses wearer peace of mind. The wearer also gets..
Rs. 4,729
Saturn Rudraksha Pendant
Seven mukhi removes malefic effects of Saturn. It also represents the Goddess Mahalakshmi. By wearin..
Rs. 1,429
Sun Rudraksha Pendant
Twelve mukhi Rudraksha represent planet Surya. The Wearer gets the quality of the sun - to rule and ..
Rs. 14,199
Venus Rudraksha Pendant
The ruling planet of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha is Shukra. Six Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Kartikeya. Ble..
Rs. 639
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