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1001 Notable Nativities - The Astrologer's   Who's Who
The most authentic book by great world famous astrologer Alan Leo. This book is very useful for rese..
Rs. 209
A Course In Indian Astrology
In the present book the materials have been arranged in  simple style comprising of smaller uni..
Rs. 539
A Manual Of Hindu Astrology
Table of Contents: Chapter  1 The Zodiac and the Planetary System Chapter  II Preliminar..
Rs. 259
Aspects In Vedic Astrology
Through astrologers are well aware that it is the aspects between planets which has been planets whi..
Rs. 719
Astrology & You
The present book proposes to bring Astrology within the easy grasp of the layman. You will be deligh..
Rs. 719
Astrology Concepts Explained [Dictionary Of Astrology]
The book is an explanation of astrological concepts to clear any doubt about the exact clarification..
Rs. 1,079
Astrology For Beginners
1. The essentials explained; 2. Casting the horoscope; 3. Hints on judgment; 4. Longevity & deat..
Rs. 379
This book contains all basic principles of astrology in simple language which can be understood by a..
Rs. 649
Elements Of Vedic Astrology (2 Vol Set)
The 'Elements of Vedic Astrology' is an excellent and most comprehensive book on the Parashari syste..
Rs. 1,429
Encyclopaedia Of Indian Astrology - 2 Vol Set
"The Magnum Opus on Indian Astrology." "Contains vast ocean of Information on Indian Astrology." "..
Rs. 6,589
Fundamentals Of Astrology [Hard Bound Edition]
Astrology is both Science and Art. Hence only the talented can appreciate and understand it. Rightly..
Rs. 1,429
How To Judge A Horoscope (Vol 1)
How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. It i..
Rs. 539
How To Judge A Horoscope (Vol 2)
How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. It i..
Rs. 719
How To Read A Birth Chart
This is a primer for a lay man to pick up a rudimentary knowledge of Indian Astrology. Interest in I..
Rs. 459
How To Read A Horoscope [Hardbound]
This is considered as one of the best books written for the beginner. Planets are subjected to di..
Rs. 1,429
Indian Astrology (An Appraisal)
The book is an inspiring compilation of interesting  and informative articles on the various ch..
Rs. 639
Know About Astrology(Complete Guide To Self Learning Course)
In this book the author has tried to compile the various facets of Astrological principles which are..
Rs. 1,429
Learn Hindu Astrology Easily
A Primer of Hindu Astrology for the beginners. a refereseher course for the advanced students of ast..
Rs. 649
Medical Astrology: A Treatise On Astro-Diagnosis From The Horoscope & The Hand
A Famous spiritual astrologer shares the secrets, previously known only to professionals, that hold ..
Rs. 929
Planetary Aspects In Astrology
Planetary aspects are the combined influence of two or more planets on a native on earth. They are h..
Rs. 539
Predictive Astrology Of The Hindus
It is considered as a book that every student uses to start astrology with. Considered still as a ma..
Rs. 909
Self Learning Course In Astrology
Complete book for beginners and advance learners, must for those pursuing predictive accuracy, case ..
Rs. 309
The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation
The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation presents the author`s many original thoughts on this facet of ..
Rs. 539
Vedic Astrology -Demystified
'˜'˜Vedic Astrology Demystified'' is written for the beginner to intermediate Jyotish student. The p..
Rs. 2,199
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