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Ganesha Statue in Parad - 115 gms
100% pure Parad Ganesh idol. Lord Ganesha is known by many names: Vinayaka,Vignesh, Ganapathy and..
Rs. 5,289
Ganesha Wall Hanging With Musical Bell
Fan shaped Ganesha wall hanging with auspicious bells on both sides, is a beautiful piece of Indian ..
Rs. 639
Ganesha With Ladoo
Ganesha with The laddoo indicates that one must discover the sweetness of the soul. Ganesh is the..
Rs. 489
Ganesha With Pagdi
Ganesha is wearing a red Pagri, a symbol of honour and respect in all the regions. Ganesha reside..
Rs. 529
Ganesha With Pheta
Ganesha with golden pheta can be used as a decorative piece as well as an auspicious. Ganesh is t..
Rs. 499
Ganesha With Surya In Ruby - 205 Carats
Lord Ganesha, the lord of Riddhi and Siddhi, carved out of natural Ruby gemstone with a glowing Sun ..
Rs. 74,379
Ganesha Writing Upanishads
Ganesha teaches us that we must finish what we start and that sacrifice is necessary in the persuit ..
Rs. 2,099
Ganesha yantra - 2x2 inches
Ganesha etched plate yantra is worshipped for sidhhi, success in undertakings, and intelligence and ..
Rs. 429
Tracks * Ganga - Dhun Language: Sanskrit Genre: Devotional Artist: Hema Sardesai   ..
Rs. 829
Gangajal Holy Water
Gangajal holy water is the ‘real life-line’ of Hindus as they use it from birth to the last journey ..
Rs. 99
Ganpati Yagna
Ganesh is the God of wisdom who removes obstacles from one's path. He is worshipped for siddhi, succ..
Rs. 13,419
Garlic Essential Oil
Garlic oil has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral medicinal properties. Garlic oil can be use..
Rs. 2,089
Garlic: The Miracle Nutrient
Long hailed for its healing abilities, garlic is currently under aggressive scientific investigation..
Rs. 109
Garud Bell In Brass
Garuda is a Hindu divinity, usually the mount (vahana) of the Lord Vishnu.Garuda is depicted as havi..
Rs. 3,309
Garuda Bell Big
Garuda is a Hindu divinity,usually the mount (vahana) of the Lord Vishnu.Garuda is depicted as havin..
Rs. 5,229
Garuda Bell In Brass
Garuda is a Hindu divinity, usually the mount (vahana) of the Lord Vishnu. Garuda is depicted as hav..
Rs. 1,799
Garuda Puran Recitation
Garuda Purana has nineteen thousand shlokas. It deals with life after death. It is generally read wh..
Rs. 40,709
Garuda Purana
Garuda Purana is one of the most sacred Mahapuranas for the devout Hindus. It gains importance becau..
Rs. 259
Gau Beej Mantra Japa Vidhan
The Gau beeja mantra originated from Gau tantra. The mantra is "Om Gaum". It originated during the c..
Rs. 99,249
Gau Dan (Cow Donation)
'Gau' means cow and Daan means donation. Gau Daan is equal to worshiping Krishna. Cow has a great im..
Rs. 39,599
Gau Gayatri Japa Vidhan
Sage Vashitha performed the first Sadhana of Gau Gayatri. Chanting the Gau Gayatri mantra  yiel..
Rs. 682,109
Gautran Daan
Gautran daan means donation for feeding cows for several days. The food comprises of green grass, wa..
Rs. 9,039
Tracks * Gayatri Invocation * Introduction Comment... * Pranayam Mantra * Stuti - Sloka 1 And ..
Rs. 1,549
Gayatri Mahayantra - 6x6 inches
Gayatri etched plate yantra is meant for spiritually advanced people. Success in worshipping this ya..
Rs. 2,639
Gayatri Mantra
Tracks * Gayatri Mantra Jaap-...     * Gayatri Mantra Jaap ... Language: Sanskri..
Rs. 1,079
Gayatri Mantra Japa
Gayatri mantra japa helps to attain spiritual power & peace of mind. It blesses with intelligenc..
Rs. 14,299
Gayatri yantra - 2x2 inches
Gayatri etched plate yantra is meant for spiritually advanced people. Success in worshipping this ya..
Rs. 429
Gayatri Yantra With Wooden Frame
Gayatri Yantra fulfill your spiritual aspirations and bless you with a hassle-free life. She will il..
Rs. 2,239
Geeta Saar
Track * Inner Voice Singatur... * Introduction * Jab Uski Daya Hai Ap... * Karam Kar Tu,karam K...
Rs. 1,079
Gems Power
This work, a magnum opus in the field of '˜Gemmology', is the result of the learned authors extensiv..
Rs. 539
Geranium Essential Oil
Geranium essential oil helps to balance the mind and emotions, while stimulating the adrenal cortex ..
Rs. 3,629
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginger oil can vary in color from pale yellow to a darker amber color and the viscosity also ranges ..
Rs. 3,159
Goddess Ambe Mata Photo
The Goddess had taken the powers from Tri-Devas (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) and took the form of Durga ..
Rs. 109
Goddess Durga Photo
The word "Durga" in Sanskrit means a fort, or a place which is difficult to overrun. Another meaning..
Rs. 109
Goddess Durga Pooja Kit
Goddess Durga symbolizes the divine forces (positive energy) known as divine shakti (feminine energy..
Rs. 2,059
Goddess Durga Statue In Brass
Durga is considered the supreme goddess and primary deity in Shaktism, occupying a place similar to ..
Rs. 1,259
Goddess Gayatri Photo
Gayatri is depicted with five faces representing the pancha pranas /pancha vayus(five lives/winds): ..
Rs. 109
Goddess Gayatri Statue In Brass
Gayatri represent the four Vedas of ancient Aryans and the remaining one represents the Almighty Lor..
Rs. 15,399
Goddess Gayatri Statue In Panchdhatu
The Gayatri is considered as Vedasara --"the essence of the Vedas." Veda means knowledge,and this pr..
Rs. 4,399
Goddess MahaLakshmi Coin In Pure Silver
Goddess Mahalakshmi coin sitting on lotus in pure silver is a lucky charm to invite prosperity and f..
Rs. 2,869
Goddess Mahalakshmi Cowry Filled with Parad For prosperity and Wealth
Cowries are considered Goddess Lakshmi’s favorite also related to Lord Shiva as it looks similar to ..
Rs. 2,529
Goddess Mahalakshmi In Brass
Mahalakshmi is the goddess of the material world and its preservation. She also brings good fortune ..
Rs. 15,179
Goddess Mahalakshmi In Parad - 25 gms
100% pure Parad Laxmi idol. Goddess Mahalakshmi is therefore truly the Goddess of wealth.'Lakshmi..
Rs. 1,109
Goddess Mahalakshmi Pooja Kit
Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the emb..
Rs. 4,289
Goddess Mahalaxmi Photo
Goddess Mahalakshmi always resides in a place that is free of clutter. Clutter results in abundance ..
Rs. 109
Goddess Mahalaxmi Photo
Goddess Mahalakshmi always resides in a place that is free of clutter. Clutter results in abundance ..
Rs. 109
Goddess Saraswati
Saraswati is the Goddess of learning, knowledge, and wisdom. The Sanskrit word sara means "essence" ..
Rs. 1,189
Goddess Saraswati In Brass
Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature. She is a part of the trinity ..
Rs. 3,199
Golden Print Chunri
The golden color is widely used in pooja, rituals and ceremonies as it represents richness. These ri..
Rs. 99
Gomedh (Hessonite) Gemstone - 10 Carats
Gomedh Hessonite is the gemstone of the Rahu or Dragon’s Head. It helps to improve gastric problems,..
Rs. 4,939