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Shailputri - The Goddess of First Navaratri

Thursday, Jan 1, 1970 | Post by Ananya | 0 comment(s)

This article is about Shailputri - The Goddess of First Navaratri

Navaratri is a nine-day long festival, dedicated to worshiping the Nine divine forms of Goddess Durga each day. The tenth day is observed as Vijaya Dashami – The day of victory.

Navaratri is a very auspicious festival and people devoted to the worship of the Eternal mother. People celebrate and worship all 9 manifested forms of Goddess Durga in Navaratri. It is the only festival purely devoted to Goddess Mother- Mother of Universe, Adi Shakti is said to be Mother of all living beings. Devotees invoke the Mother to get her blessings, power, shakti, prosperity, peace, wealth and health in Navaratri.

The first day of Navaratri is also known as Pratipada. On Pratipada, Goddess Durga is worshiped as Shailputri. 'Shail' means mountains while the 'Putri' means daughter. As she is the daughter of Himalay Parvat hence the name is "Shail Putri".The Goddess is the personification of Goddess Durga and is believed to possess the powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. As per the tradition, it is auspicious to wear red clothes on the first day of Navaratri. The Goddess is also known as Parvati, Sati, Bhavani or Hemavati.

When is it observed?

This year Shailputri the Goddess of 1st day of Navaratri along with Ghatsthapna will be celebrated on 25th September 2014 on bright fortnight of the lunar month of Ashwin commences with Pratipada.

Maa Shailputri

Devi Shailputri is worshiped along with Mahadev, as she is the consort of Lord Shiva and also the mother of Kumar Kartikeya and Ganesha. As she is Prakriti, she looks after all living organisms on Earth.

Shailputri is also called Hemavati because she was born as Himalaya's Daughter. Himalaya, being a mountain (parvat or Shail), she is called Parvati or Shailputri. Navaratri's first day is devoted to Shailputri mata. She rides on Vrash (Bull); she is holding a trident (Trishul) in her right hand & lotus flower in her left hand and crescent shaped moon decorated on her crown. She is the Goddess of purity. Her glory is incredible. With her veneration, Navaratri is given an auspicious start.

Devi Shailputri spreads kindness, happiness and well-being. Shailputri is not worshipped alone but with her consort Lord Shiva. Shiva and Shakti are not different but one. All living beings are created by nature, nurtured and destroyed by it. No one is different from nature.


Shailputri is Devi's first Avtaar. Her two hands, display a trident and a lotus with moon on her forehead. She is mounted upon a bull. She is the Goddess of Nature, she encourages mankind to maintain balance in nature and live in harmony with her.

Bull in mythology is associated with 'desires'. The trishul in Maa Shailputri's hand signifies balancing Tamas, Rajas and Satva. Lotus characterises practicing detached attachment. Moon is a Governing Planet - It is believed that the Moon, the provider of all fortunes, is governed by Goddess Shailputri and any bad effect of the Moon can be overcome by worshipping this form of Adi Shakti. By worshipping the goddess on the first day of Navaratri, the devotee lets go off their desires and works towards bringing balance in their life.

Maa Shailputri is the goddess of the muladhara chakra or root chakra, and upon awakening this Shakti one begins their journey to spiritual awakening and to their purpose in life. Without energising the muladhara chakra one doesn't have the power and strength to do anything worthwhile. It is said that one should worship Maa Shailputri to make full use of the precious human life.

Muladhara is one of the seven primary chakras according to Hindu tantrism. Muladhara is considered the foundation of the "energy body". Yogic systems stress the importance of stabilising this chakra. Kundalini awakening begins here. It is associated with the element of earth.

On the first day of Navaratri, Yogi in their Yoga Sadhna keeps their mind concentrated on Muladhara chakra as the starting point of spiritual discipline.


According to Shiv puran and other Hindu mythologies, Devi Sati, daughter of Prajapati Daksha, was got married with Mahadev. After the self-sacrifice as Goddess Sati in Maha Yagya organized by her father, she took re-birth as a daughter of Himalaya with name Parvati. However, it was very difficult for Parvati to get her Lord Shiva, as Mahadev lost himself in deepest of Sadhna after loosing Sati.

After doing penance for hundreds of years Parvati got Shiva as her consort. In her Hemavati aspect she defeated all prominent gods. Like her previous birth in this birth also Maa Shailaputri (Parvati) got married with Lord Shiva. The first and the most prominent among Nava Durgas, Shailaputri is of immense importance and her glories are endless.

Thereby, Shailputri symbolized herself as a true Goddess of root chakra. Her awakening was toward establishing universal love with Lord Shiva that glorified her as the Goddess of awareness.

On the first day of Navaratri, devotees place enters in Moolchakra and worship Goddess Shailputri to establish dedication keeping Mooladhar in mind, and commence Durga Pooja auspiciously.

Mantra to recite while worshipping Devi Shailputri:

Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Prakriti Roopen Samsthita

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah

Vande Vanchhitalabhay chandrardhakritshekharam

Vrisharudham Shooldharam Shailputreem Yashasvineem

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